Who is the DSC?

We are sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and like yourself, interested in public concrete skateparks in HRM!

We are volunteers, we are citizens, and we are stoked.

The coalition began with one lifelong Dartmouth skateboarder-resident imagining a concrete pool in exactly the spot where one will be built this spring. He is either a psychic clairvoyant, or just a very resourceful, motivated, and genuinely awesome person. Or a bit of both.

Then there was the person who championed the successful Halifax Skateboard Coalition when the Commons Skatepark was imagined over a decade ago. Her new Dartmouth residency has led her to be once again very involved in keeping the Dartmouth coalition on course! Navigation, motivation, and a pureness of spirit are but a few of this person’s things.

There is a father of the next wave of Dartmouth all-terrain rippers with his two fearless sons. His roots in Dartmouth go back to Mexico in the 1800’s. He has some of the best eggplants in Canada.

Another Coalition volunteer is a lifelong Dartmouth resident who aside from riding really loose trucks, is also breeding the next generation of super skateboarders. His one year old son is now riding with the family grin from ear to ear!

One of our volunteers is a Dartmouth skateboarder who was a youth when he volunteered to help the Halifax Skateboard Coalition a decade ago. Now as a father, and very active in community planning, his contributions to the DSC have been many.

There are many other awesome people involved in the Dartmouth Skateboard Coalition from all walks of life, and some of us who now walk poorly due to a life on board! Too many to list, and too humble to be named.

Add your support, be a part of our coalition!

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