For those of you who may have been snoozing or out of town, the Dartmouth Skatepark has broken ground. Ocean’s crew has been melting away since the middle of August, and we are pumped.. Stay tuned for grand opening event info coming soon!

Now, we know there are a lot of rumours circulating about the park, and want to try to clarify where things stand.

Re. the current park design and build:

1) The plan had always been to have a mixed street/bowl park design.
2) We hit a snag with the site inspection to the tune of $90,000 in additional debris removal because there is an old school buried there. This unfortunately came off the top of our budget.
3) We had the designers, Grindline, go back to the table several times for design revisions to try to get an integrated park design right, but despite best efforts, with the lower budget it just wasn’t working. We had a very tough decision to make because we knew people would be bummed about the street elements not going into the initial part of the build BUT the decision to start with the bowls makes sense from a construction perspective.

RE. the future of the park:
The goal is to work toward a second phase of the park once the first is completed, a street park. The city is willing to work with a group on this, and some of the current DSKC members are willing to stay on to see this through. More volunteers will be needed. Hit us up if you are interested in helping.

We are in the process of raising the final $50,000 for Phase 1.